Why put an interactive citation map on your website?

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What is an interactive citation map?

An interactive citation map is a map showing locations of authors who published papers citing your products or services. Users may zoom in/out, click clusters or individual markers to reveal detailed information of a particular citation.

Real-life examples of interactive citation map

Azure Biosystems
Vapourtec Ltd

Values of an interactive citation map

An interactive citation map can be valuable to both your potential customers and your internal sales and marketing team:

  • it can help to build trust with potential customers by demonstrating that your products or services have been used by real people globally
  • it can help to increase conversions by making it easy for potential customers to find researchers that are nearby and can provide references for your products or services
  • it can help to increase online engagement by providing an interactive and user-friendly way for potential customers to explore your website
  • it can help you to identify potential new customers by showing where the majority of their customer base is located
  • it can help you to understand the geographic distribution of your customers
  • it can help your sales team to quickly identify relevant citations upon a customer’s request

How to set up an interactive citation map?

Interactive citation map is part of our Smart Embed Code service. Please feel free to reach out to us to create your own map (or any creative map you can think of).

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