Styling citation map in Smart Embed Code

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Interactive Citation Map is a component we offer in Smart Embed Code. It is a visually appealing way to tell your potential customers how popular your products are. To make the map better fit the look and feel of your website, we offer a number of options to customize the style.

Interactive Citation Map

1. Base map

There are 9 options for the base map:

  • (Default) Map
  • Satellite
  • Terrain
  • Light Political
  • Mono City
  • Simple Atlas
  • Light Landmass
  • Dark Landmass
  • and Whitewater

2. Marker color

There are 30 colors you may pick for the markers.

3. Marker shape

There are 11 basic shapes and a few hundred other shapes you may choose.

The following map has the “Satellite” base map with red “fire” markers.

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