Publication and Citation Tracking

The best way to convince a scientist is to produce results. As a maker of scientific research products, your results are the many publications that cite your products. Would you like to stay abreast of this critical information? Do you want a dedicated team of scientists with experience in the field to compile it for you? How would your marketing strategy change if each month you received a detailed report of citations and research trends related to your product? Do you want to view your customers on an interactive map?

Key benefits.

  • Boost your reputation and inspire confidence in prospective customers
  • Maintain warm relationships with customers by sending timely congratulatory or thank-you notes
  • No tedious work
  • No coding
  • Get insights of your product applications
  • Cover 99+% of scientific publications

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Why us?

We know citations

Our team has a combined 60+ years of experience in core research in top universities such as Stanford, Cornell, Baylor College of Medicine, and Beijing University, etc. Dealing with citations is our daily life.

Xu CuiPh.D.BCM/Stanford
Valerie SongPh.D.Cornell
Hua JinPh.D.Michigan/Stanford
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We are trusted

We are trusted by 200+ companies from big to small, such as Bio-Techne, Bio-Rad, PacBio, TECAN, Sartorius, Eureka, etc. You are in a good group.

What do we offer?

Structured data

In additional to the basic citation information, we also report 10+ fields (e.g. author contact information) for each citation. We send you the structured data in Excel format which make it very easy to import into your databases or to format for your website.

Smart Embed Code

Hate coding? A simple code snippet which displays your citation list, search form, citation number etc in a professional format. Details and examples →

Interactive Map

We create an interactive map showing the locations of the citations. Details and examples →

99+% coverage

We cover multiple literature databases and compile a comprehensive list of your citations.

Monthly update

We make sure your citation data is always updated.

How to use your citation data?


You may list citations on your website, preferably searchable, to instill confidence into your website visitors.


If you rank your citations by the journal impact factor, you will easily find the good publications and the authors. You may then invite the top authors to give a webinar.

Tools for marketing/sales

Your marketing/sales team can easily find relevant references for potential customers.

Content marketing

Are you doing content marketing in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? You will get a lot of ideas and contents from the citations.

More ...

We wrote an article showing real life examples using the citation data. You might be inspired. Please check out →

Case studies

See how we are helping top biotech companies to use citation data for their websites, email marketing and content marketing.
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“We’ve been cooperating with Bizgenius for almost 10 years, and we’re very pleased with their service. They always stand by and response to us timely. This year, we decide to use their smart code service which will enrich our website content about citations. We can totally customize the layout and the data to make those content merge into our website. They provide a 24h support to ensure code installation go without issues. Our IT department is very appreciated with this. The loading speed is very fast in the globe which will not be influenced by region that is what we want. We’re look forward to working with Bizgenius for another 10 years!

Chao Liu | Sino Biological, Inc Director of E-commerce Department
Chao Liu | Sino Biological, Inc. Director of E-commerce Department
""Novus has been working with BizGenius for over 6 years! The service from BizGenius has been excellent and they go above and beyond to help us “make things easy”. They are reliable, efficient, timely and affordable. In this day of the bottom line mentality I truly believe BizGenius is at the forefront of great service and a superb citation service."Bryan Tinsley, Marketing Director at Novus Biologicals