Email Marketing Frontend & Followup Automation

We offer “Email Marketing Frontend Service” with the aim to significantly reduce the cost of your email marketing without compromising the deliverability. Compared to traditional all-in-one services such as MailChimp, VerticalResponse, GetResponse, iContact or Constant Contact, a frontend + backend approach the following advantage:


Cost lowered by 50% and more

If you have 200K subscribers, you might spend $800/mo with a traditional service. With the new approach, it costs less than $400.


Easily switch backend

If for any reason you do not like a backend service, you can switch it to another in 5 minutes.


Intact data when switching backend

If you use a traditional service and you need to switch to another company, your past campaigns, your past statistics, and a lot of data are lost. With our new frontend service, your data are intact when you switch the backend servers.


Simple and beautiful report

After a campaign is sent, you can easily find out how many people opened and clicked your email, and who opened and clicked.

Cost lowered by 50% and more

Let’s calculate how much money you can save by this new approach. Assume you have 200K subscribers and you send 400K emails per month. If you use a service such as Mailchimp, the cost is ~$875/mo.  But with our frontend combined with a backend of your choice, the cost is less than $400/mo, which is a fraction of the cost of Mailchimp (or other services such as iContact, Vertical Response etc).

Backend server Cost of backend sending server ($) Total Cost (Front Standard + Backend, $)
Mailgun 240 340
Sparkpost 250 350
Mailjet 150 250
Sendgrid 200 300
Amazon SES 40 140
TurboSMTP 200 300
EasySMTP (ReachMail) 200 300

Simple Pricing

For Standard package (comparable to a traditional email service), we charge a fixed amount, $99/mo, no matter how many subscribers you have, and how many emails you send. For Pro package, which has been proved to increase your response rate by 500%, we charge a fixed amount of $199/mo.



Per Month
  • Beautiful report and statistics
  • Schedule future campaigns
  • Flexible list management
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