Custom Data Mining & Analysis

We offer “Custom Data Mining & Analysis Service” for clients with customized needs of data mining.

  • Hot areas in life science

    Based on publication, grant and news database, we find hot and trending area in life science (e.g. immunotherapy).

  • Antibody list ranked by usage

    We compile a list of antibodies used in scientific literature and rank them by usage.

  • Persona building

    We find the persona (common characteristics) of your existing or potential customers.

  • Web crawling

    We crawl one or more websites you specified and put the data in your requested format.

  • Yellow Page crawling

    We compile a list of companies/hospitals/clinics/agents from yellow page with your own criteria. The information includes the company name and phone number.

  • List of biotech / pharmaceutical companies

    We compile a list of companies in life science (or other area) and format it in Excel. The data includes name, website, employee number, year founded, etc.

  • Email list cleaning

    We can clean "bad" or "outdated" emails from your list so your bounce rate is low.

  • Remove European emails

    We identify and remove European emails (or other locations) if you do not want to send to these recipients.