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I recently chatted with a marketing manager from a biotech company who was trying to send an email campaign to NIH grant holders in the field of transcriptomics. She visited NIH Reporter, copied the names, and usually had to answer RECAPTCHA questions. She said it was really time-consuming and tedious, and after a week of work, she only ended up with a list of around 500 names in her spreadsheet. She felt her time could be better used elsewhere.

We offer a service which will save you valuable time. You send us a list of keywords, we will:

  1. compile all relevant grant holders from a certain year to today (you decide the year range)
  2. compile new grant holders each month
  3. compile grant holders whose funding is about to expire

We will send you the list in an Excel format (screenshot below). It includes essential information such as the email address, the name, the organization, the funding amount, the funding start/end date, and the matching keyword(s). This will make it easy for you to import them into your email marketing program and contact them. You may use this free tool to estimate the number.

Sample of NIH Grant Holders Data

Do you need help compile NIH grant holder list? Please let us know.

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