Congratulate your customers when they publish, Open/Click rate higher than regular email campaigns

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In the past years, we have been helping Prozyme Inc (Acquired by Agilent) do one task: each month we track publications citing Prozyme, and also send a personalized congratulation email to the authors.

Sending a congratulation email to authors is a great way to maintain a warm relationship with your customers. Due to the long writing and reviewing process, it normally takes a researcher 2 or 3 years from purchasing reagents (or instruments and services) to publications. This customer might have become “cold” 3 years later. Writing a congratulation email will remind him of your products and services.

Sending a congratulation email also helps you to reach to new customers. The author who published a paper citing your products may not be the person who made the original purchase. The email is an opportunity to introduce you and your products. On top of it, you can add the author to your CRM or email list for future communications.

So what to write in the email? Here is an example:

Subject line: Congratulations on your recent Nature paper!

Email body:

Dear Dr Smith,

I noticed that you just published a paper titled “paper_title” in Nature. Congratulations! I understand how hard it is to publish in a high profiled journal.

You have used our product “product_name” in your experiment. We have a new related product you might be interested in learning more. It’s called “new_product_name” and the link is

Should you have any questions, just let me know.

Best regards,
Account manager
ABC Bio, Inc
Tel: 123-456-789

Open and click rate of congratulation emails

We calculated the overall open and click rate of these congratulation emails and found that the open rate is ~33% and the click rate is ~6%. The two rates are much higher than a regular email campaign, which are 10-20% and 1%, respectively.

If you need help to set up a process to send congratulation emails to authors who just cited your products, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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