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Life science companies need to produce a large volume of content, including web pages, product descriptions, blogs, social media posts, marketing emails, scientific publications, and white papers. The process of writing and paraphrasing can be challenging and time-consuming. We developed an application called “Writing Assistant” which can help with your writing. It has the following features:

1. changing simple words to more advanced synonyms

If you feel your words are too informal, Writing Assistant can help you to replace them with more sophisticated words. For example:

Before: fNIRS is better than fMRI because it's cheap and easy to carry.
After: fNIRS is more affordable and portable than fMRI, making it a more practical option.

Before: Because bad weather, we cancel the trip.
After: Due to the inclement weather, we have been forced to cancel the excursion.

2. rewriting and paraphrasing a given sentence(s) in professional English

If you borrow texts from your past writings or from other sources, you may use Write Assistant to rewrite them and avoid plagiarism concerns.

Before: Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and the world.【Farooq 2020】
After: Despite advances in treatment, lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and globally.

3. converting thought fragments (e.g. words and phrases) to full sentences

While you are writing, you may only have fragmented thoughts. Writing Assistant can help you to write full sentences.

Before: internet, too many opinions, conflict, no listen to each other, polarized
After: The internet has brought about a deluge of opinions, which has lead to increased conflict as people struggle to be heard. Instead of listening to each other, people have become polarized, only valuing opinions that confirm their own.

4. correcting typos and grammar errors

This one is straightforward. Writing Assistant can help you to avoid making embarrassing typos and grammar errors.

Before: 5 faculty from our company attended the confrence.
After: Five faculty members from our company attended the conference.

5. converting non-English text to professional English

You can still write perfect, professional English, even if English is not your first language.

For example:

Before: fnirs 越来越流行。fnirs相对fmri,有几个优势。so, fnirs 在多个领域 has many unique 应用
After: The popularity of FNIRS is increasing due to its advantages over fMRI. FNIRS has several unique applications in various fields.

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