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We recently helped a biotech company in the bay area with an interesting project. The company had accumulated a contact list consisting of over 100,000 people, mostly academic researchers, and would like to set up routine email campaigns. The email content will match the scientific field of each contact. The problem is that they do not have any data about what field(s) each contact is in.

They provided us a list of “fields” they would like to tag. The list included both broad and narrow fields, such as “Neuroscience”, “Cancer”, “Transcriptomics”, and “Next Generation Sequencing”. Next, we searched the papers published by each person in their contact list, and compared the field names and the publication. When a match is found, the individual will be tagged. For example, person A might be tagged “Neuroscience” and “Transcriptomics”. In the end, we delivered an Excel sheet like this:

The tagging information allowed them to send relevant information to their target audience and customers.

Are you looking to tag a large number of contacts? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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