Verify if an email is valid (tools)

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You find a person on LinkedIn and you think he would be interested in your service or product. But you do not have his email address. You guessed a few versions such as first.last, first_last, firstinitial_last etc, but how do you know which one is correct?

We developed a handy tool for this. It’s also free.

First, we go to

Second, we enter the email address, and click the “Verify” button.

Then this tool will verify if the email is valid or not. There are 3 possible outcomes:

Valid: you can email the person without worrying about being bounced
Bad: the email address does not exist. Do not use it.
Can’t decide: this is because the email server does not tell if the email is valid or not.

If you do not want to guess email address at all and want to find a person’s email instantly, we also have a “Find industry email” tool (require payment). Simply enter the name and company and it will find the email address for you.

If you need more information about the tool, feel free to contact us.

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