Showcasing impact: Tecan’s case study through visuals

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When it comes to marketing in the fast-paced world of biotech, showing your company’s reach and influence is key. That’s exactly what Tecan, a prominent player in the global life sciences supply industry, has achieved with a little help from our BizGenius citation widget. This sleek tool goes beyond basic analytics to visually represent how far and wide Tecan’s innovations are used in the scientific community.

Tecan uses BizGenius citation widget (click image to visit the page)

Visual Storytelling for Complex Data

Tecan’s cutting-edge liquid biopsy technologies have a story to tell, one that spans over 700 studies worldwide. With the BizGenius citation widget, these narratives come to life on Tecan’s liquid biopsy workflow page, offering a clear picture of Tecan’s market penetration and thought leadership in the industry.

Tecan’s adoption of the BizGenius citation widget is a prime example of how data visualization can transform complex information into clear, actionable insights. The widget not only maps global research activity but also includes an infographic that highlights key areas of impact. This graphic shows the most researched diseases using Tecan’s technologies, like breast and lung cancer, and identifies leading institutions in these studies. It’s an efficient tool for marketers to convey Tecan’s influence in the scientific community, providing a snapshot of the company’s reach and expertise. This dual-layered approach—mapping and detailed breakdown—enables a straightforward demonstration of Tecan’s prominence in the biotech industry.

Elevate Your Brand with BizGenius

If you’re in the business of marketing biotech innovations, let the BizGenius citation widget help you illustrate your company’s scientific clout. Join Tecan in mapping out a marketing narrative that’s as compelling as it is credible. Discover how our citation widget can underscore your brand’s presence, offering a comprehensive and well-defined illustration of your company’s impact in the field. Contact us for a demo.

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