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You have probably asked yourself the following question: “How can this AI thing such as ChatGPT benefit my business?” To this end, we’re excited to introduce our new service: ChatGenius.

ChatGenius is

  1. built on top of ChatGPT
  2. trainable with your own knowledge
  3. can be easily embedded on your website
  4. able to engage your visitors with accurate answers
  5. accessible globally, including China

In the past two months or so we have been working with System Biosciences (SBI), a biotech company renowned for its pioneering work in the areas of exosome research and gene delivery systems, closely to bring ChatGenius on their website. You may check out their website now to give it a try.

According to Vinh Lam, Associate Director of Marketing at SBI,

“ChatGenius has revolutionized our customer support and website engagement by leveraging our unique knowledge base for personalized, accurate assistance, significantly boosting customer satisfaction. Acting as an 24hr round-the-clock support team, it offers instant, precise responses, enhancing website interactivity and converting visitors into customers. We strongly recommend ChatGenius for businesses seeking to improve customer service, product support, and website engagement.”

You may try ChatGenius alive at:

If you also want to make your website more engaging, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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