Morgan Freeman demo your products? Human-like AI voice over

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We once created an explainer video (check it out) to explain one of our services (NIH grant holder database for leads generation). It was 8 years ago and we relied on a real voice actor. It was time-consuming and the cost was high.

As AI has advanced so much today, I found it’s actually possible to generate human-like speech given English texts. Not only that, you can also choose a celebrity’ voice! For example, I use Morgan Freeman’s voice to read the following text:

I really like BizGenius. They track our company's citations with great coverage and accuracy. They help us save a ton of time.

And you may listen to the result:

I personally find it fairly close to Morgan Freeman’s real reading!

Having an AI to read your script can be very valuable:

  1. it’s cheap (some even free)
  2. it’s quick (it can generate a speech within a few minutes)
  3. if you need to change your script, the cost to redo the speech generation is very low
  4. for non-native speakers like me, I can do the voice over using standard English myself!
  5. you can make a lot of videos for your content marketing

PS: I don’t know if it’s legal to use a celebrity’s voice for commercial videos. It looks like it’s an ongoing debate. But there are many other voice choices.

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