List of 5 text-to-image AIs for your marketing

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When you are designing your web pages, email campains, or social media posts, you often need to create some images to “spice” them up. You could use stock images (e.g. but they are often not creative. Text-to-image AIs can help you create creative graphics in a few minutes. Here are 5 text-to-image tools you can use, and they all offer a free try.

Stable Diffusion
Deep AI
Playground AI

Here, we use the following prompt to generate creative images:

“DNA structure on avocado toast, digital art”


Stable Diffusion:

Deep AI:

Playground AI:


By comparing these 5 tools, DALL E and Stable Diffusion are the best. Next time when you need creative images, you may check them out.

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