5 Reasons Why You Should Use Smart Embed Code

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As a life science company, your ability to display citations effectively and professionally on your website can significantly influence your reputation and credibility. If managing these citations has proven to be an uphill battle, our Smart Embed Code might just be your knight in shining armor. It’s a solution designed to manage and showcase your citations professionally without requiring intricate coding knowledge. Let’s delve into the top five reasons why Smart Embed Code should be your go-to tool for managing your citations.

1. Hassle-free Implementation

One of the primary advantages of the Smart Embed Code is its ease of use. There’s absolutely no need for a deep understanding of coding, thanks to the simple copy-and-paste approach. Each visual component is a single line of code that you embed on your webpage just once, and voilà, you’re good to go!

For example, the following line will become an interactive map:

<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-map"></div>

2. Automatic Updates

Keeping citations up-to-date can be a tedious task. However, with the Smart Embed Code, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. As soon as updates are made to our backend database, your webpage content gets automatically refreshed, saving you the bother of manually updating the code each time.

3. Cloud-based and Asynchronous Data Load

Smart Embed Code spares you the need to host data on your own server, eliminating the necessity to set up and manage local databases. Moreover, data is loaded asynchronously, ensuring that the loading of your webpage isn’t slowed down by the citation display. This results in an overall smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

4. SEO Friendly and Customizable

SEO friendliness is a vital aspect of any web tool. Fortunately, the Smart Embed Code doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The citation data is indexed by Google, helping your website’s SEO performance. In addition, it inherits your website’s default style, making it blend seamlessly with your webpage design. If you wish, you can also customize the style as per your requirements.

5. Versatility and Mobile Friendliness

Regardless of the platform on which your website is built (be it WordPress, Drupal, or others), the Smart Embed Code can be effortlessly embedded. Its adaptability also extends to mobile platforms, providing a consistent user experience across devices. This level of versatility and compatibility is rare and truly valuable.

Moreover, the Smart Embed Code offers a range of visual components to choose from, such as an interactive map, citation list, citation search form, top journal list, and more. All these features can be tailored to your needs, creating a truly bespoke experience for your site visitors.

Organizations like Fortis Life Sciences and Azure Biosystems are just two examples among many that have reaped the benefits of this innovative tool. Isn’t it time your company joins them? Contact us for a demo.

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