Are citations on our website indexed by Google?

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Product citations are great content for marketing. Listing them on our website will give confidence to our potential customers. But what about SEO? Are the publications delivered by Smart Embed Code indexed by Google?

The answer is yes. To test this, we simply search some publication content in Google.

Example 1

Search term: All variants of UBE2D2, UBE2D3, UBE2M, RBX1, CUL1, CUL4, NEDD8 and ubiquitin were generated using PCR, Quikchange (Agilent)

We can see from the screenshot below that the top ranked page is from Twist Bioscience’s publication page. Twist is using our Smart Embed Code to display the citations dynamically.

Example 2

Search term: Upregulated LRRC55 promotes BK channel activation and aggravates cell injury in podocytes

Ethos Biosciences’ citation page is in the search result (page 2).

From the two examples above we know that the publication contents delivered by Smart Embed Code are indeed indexed by Google. Depending on the search term, the webpage can even rank on the top of Google.

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