AI can generate images given text descriptions

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AI never fails to surprise me. Last week, OpenAI announced a new AI called “DALL·E” which can generate images based on a short text description. For example,

Input: “an armchair in the shape of an avocado

Then DALL E generated a few versions:

The quality stuns me. DALL E clearly understands the meaning of the text and is creative at the same time. Another example:

Input: “a male mannequin dressed in an orange and black flannel shirt and black jeans

My cousin is a clothes designer and I am sure DALL E will help her design new clothes.

What about unrealistic ideas? Say,

Input: “a snail made of harp

My mind blows away! If I did not know this was created by AI, I would say this is done by a creative artist!

For us who works in the life science industry, I think DALL E will help us too. For example, when we write some content (e.g. a blog post or social media article), we usually need a nice looking image which matches the content. Often we search in Google or stock image websites (such as or, but most of the times the images are not exactly what we look for. With DALL E, we will have a personal creative designer who does exactly what we ask for!

As of today, OpenAI have not made DALL E to the public yet. I really look forward to it.

You should definitely check out more examples in OpenAI’s page:

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