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Any life science company has a large body of scientific publications or references to manage. There are three types of publications:

  1. The publications that cited our products, ususally authored by our customers
  2. The papers our own employees published
  3. The publications/PDFs collected by our research team

These three types of publications are used for different purposes. The product citations are usually used for marketing and sales purposes. By showing these citations, we boost our reputation and inspire confidence in prospective customers. We also gain a better understanding of how our customers use our products by analyzing their publications.

The publications/PDFs collected by our research team are, on the other hand, critical to research and development. The research team relies on these publications to write new papers, to understand the latest trends in the field, and to learn new methods and technologies. Many companies have libraries scattered throughout their organizations, and each individual has their own library managed. There may be instances where employees have duplicated purchase of PDFs, causing financial loss.

We offer a solution where you can manage all your publications in a central place. You may share the product citations on your website publicly, while at the same time keep the rest for internal use only. For each publication, you can give it one or more labels (tags), and attache a PDF. The library allows multiple users to access and share.

Interface of a company’s central library
Interface of product citations on a public website

If you are interested in creating your central library, please feel free to contact us.

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