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If you are developing new antibodies, you may wonder which genes/proteins are “hot” or “popular” in research. If you are analyzing a market, you may wonder which product is dominant and which one is fast-growing. We frequently need to know the big picture of a market, and it requires us to understand the trend of many items at the same time. Searching mentions in scientific publications can provide valuable insights, but a manual search of a few thousand keywords is extremely time consuming.

We helped a number of companies quickly identify top trends. Here are two cases.

Case 1. Trend of gene names: Company A is developing an assay related to breast cancer and other types of cancers. They sent us a few thousand of gene symbols. We helped them search each of the genes in the past 5 years, counted the number, and calculated the growth rate. Below is a partial sample we generated.

This report shows the number of publications for each keyword in the past 5 years, the total, and the average year-to-year growth rate. As we can see from the table, PALB2 grows rapidly, and TP53 grows rapidly too with also a large number of publications.

Case 2. Trend of product names: An instrument company wanted to identify the trend of some leading instruments in the fNIRS research. They sent us a number of product names and we generated the following report:

This report helped them identify the fast-growing products as well as the current dominator.

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