Publications on COVID-19 explode (and a new free tool to find out research trend)

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We know there will be more researchers working on COVID-19 and therefore more papers. But it’s still amazing to see how the number explodes. Below is the number of COVID-19 publications in the past 4 months.

Publication Trend
(Number generated by Publication Trend tool)

And which country published more papers? Not surprisingly, it’s US, China and Italy.

Publication Map
(Generated by BizGenius Deep Analysis)

A free tool to find out research trend

To help you find out the trend of a research topic (such as COVID-19, or “breast cancer”), we developed a new tool where it searches your keyword in PubMed and gives you the year-by-year (or month-by-month) number. A screenshot is below:

If you want to reach out to COVID-19 researchers and need help in compiling them, just let us know. If you want to find out the trend of a research topic, you may use the free publication trend tool mentioned above.

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