Competitors’ customers are twice as likely to respond

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If you have a product or service (e.g. instrument or kit) and you would like to market it by direct email, then who of the following 3 groups is the best target?

  1. Researchers who used a similar product on the market (i.e. competitor’s customers)
  2. Researchers who are working on the scientific field your product is intended to serve (say stem cell)
  3. General researchers

To find out the answer, we did an experiment: We sent an identical email to 3 groups, and recorded the click rates. Here is the result:

Competitors’ customers are twice as likely to respond

Based on the figure above, we can see that competitors’ customers are twice as likely to click than researchers working in the targeted field, who in turn are more responsive than general researchers.

So if you are marketing your products, definitely consider to reach out to the users of the similar products.

Do you want to know who are using a similar product in the market? Just let us know.

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