After pandemic started, NIH funding increased by 3% but to fewer projects

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How is the pandemic affecting the funding to biomedical research? To answer this question, we analyzed the number of grants and the total dollar size awarded in the last 10 years. As we only have 4 months’ data for 2021, for fair comparison, we only included the first 4 months from other years as well.

As most NIH funded projects are multi-year projects, we analyzed two scenarios, one including all projects, and the other including new projects only.

Below is the graph:

As we can see from the figures above, there is no dramatic change in funding size before and after the pandemic started in the late 2019. The 2021 funding increased by ~3% compared to 2020, though the number of projects dropped by 7%.

If we only consider the new projects, the total funding increased by 14%, but the number of projects dropped by 9%.

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