New feature of citation map with markers dynamically clustered

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Our Smart Embed Code service offers an interactive citation map, which is a visually appealing way to impress your potential customers. It also helps you understand your customer distribution. To make the map more useful, we now offer an updated version of the map.

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1. Adjacent citations are dynamically clustered

Previously, the citation markers are placed individually, resulting dense clusters in some regions, as shown in Figure 1. Now, adjacent markers are clustered and a number of citations in that region is shown in the center. When you zoom in and out, the markers are clustered dynamically.

Figure 1. Old map style
Figure 2. New map style with clustering

2. Citations with identical address can be separated

Previously, citations with identical address can’t be separated. Now, clicking the marker will reveal all citations, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Overlapped citations can be separated

3. The map’s center is automatically positioned to viewer’s location

Previously, the map’s center is fixed for every user. Now, the map is aware of the viewer’s location and automatically position the center to that location. For example, a user from Europe will find the map is centered at Europe.


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