List of reputable email sending service providers

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We have tried numerous email sending service providers and have seen more than our fair share of the bad services. For example, back in 2015, we tried a service which was very attractive in terms of cost. But when we tested it out, we found nobody replied, indicating most emails were sent to spam folder.

So here we only list the service providers we found reputable – meaning your email has a decent chance to arrive in the recipients’ inbox.

Price per
1,000 emails
(USD $)
MailGun0.8Pay As You Go option. Subscription option is slighly cheaper
Amazon SES0.162K/mo free if sending from Amazon Cloud. Strict review

The list is ordered by our overall rating. So while MailGun is more expensive, we still use it a lot and thus list it on the top. Amazon SES is cheap but sometimes they suspend our account without reasons.

Some of the services are “backend” only. To use the services, you need to have an in-house program or our email marketing front-end service to send emails and manage lists.

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