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A steady trend observed in scientific publications is the ever increasing number of coauthors, as shown in the figure below (data source: NIH):

The number of coauthors per publications has reached 6.

Initially I thought most of the authors in a paper are probably from the same lab. However, according to a study in IEEE Access by Zhou et al, the portion of papers with “inter-institution” collaboration has reached 60%. See figure below (adapted from Zhou et al)

“Inter-institution” collaboration is increasing

Let’s take Jennifer Doudna, Nobel laureate, as a specific example. We found Doudna has published 274 papers in the past 20 years. By analyzing these papers, we discovered she has collaborated with 1,127 researchers from over 100 institutes! Many of these collaborators also have their own labs. Check out Doudna’s network below (generated by our Deep Analysis).

Jennifer Doudna’s research network

How can this information help technology companies? It will help you to expand your customers! For example, if you are selling reagents or instruments to Jennifer Doudna, you can reach out to Doudna’s past and current collaborators to sell similar products. Your email message can be highly personized mentioning that Doudna is your user.

If you need to find all the coauthors of your customers, we can help you. Please contact us.

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