6,000 PIs are awarded by NIH each month, on average

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Are you looking for more customers? The NIH grant database is a great data source. In the past 10 years, on average, 6,000 PIs have been awarded each month! The total fund is approximately $30B each year.

Number of NIH Grants between 2010 and 2022
Total funding ($Billion) of NIH Grants between 2010 and 2022

If we look closely into one year (say 2021), we will find the number varies from month to month. It peaked in July, August and September (on average 10K+ grants per month). October and November are winter for grants.

Number of NIH Grants in Each Month in 2021

We can help you compile a list of grant holders, including their email addresses, in an Excel format (screenshot below). This will make it easy for you to import them into your email marketing program and contact them. You may use this free tool to estimate the number.

Sample of NIH Grant Holders Data

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