Infographic: 40 years of NIH funding (2)

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We have 40 years of NIH funding data (updated monthly). It can certainly be used to generate leads as some of our customers do, but the data also provide some interesting facts of the history of biomedical research funding in the United States.

Graph 5: Top funded states

  • CA, MA, and NY are the top 3 states receiving NIH funding. For example, California received ~89B.

Graph 6: Top funded organizations

  • Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Washington are among the top organizations receiving the most NIH funding

Graph 7: Top funded PI

  • These are top funded PIs. Some PI can receive funding more than $100M!
  • HUMPHREYS, BETSY’s projects are on biomedical informatics such as PubMed.

To be continued …

We can help you compile a list of grant holders, including their email addresses, in an Excel format (screenshot below). This will make it easy for you to import them into your email marketing program and contact them. You may use this free tool to estimate the number.

Sample of NIH Grant Holders Data

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