Deep analysis on product citations, an example

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Sartorius, a 150-year-old company, is one of the leading biotech companies providing lab equipments and other services. It is based in Göttingen, Germany.

We are tracking scientific publications referring one of Sartorius’ products called Incucyte periodically. In addition, we did “Deep Analysis” on the ~3,000 scientific publications, and report detailed statistics such as trend, global user distribution, top journals and impact, top academic and pharma users, and applications etc. With the data, they created beautiful graphs on top of the statistics. Then they created a leads generation form so their leads can fill the form and download the full report.

Incucyte Citation Infographic

The infographic offers high value both for Sartorius’ lead generation and for their sales team to show proof of productivity with the instrument.

Their leads generation form can be found at: here.

And the full infographic (PDF) can be found at: here.

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