Citation map widget works in China?

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Some customers ask us, “Is your citation map widget based on Google Maps, and is it accessible to our customers in China?”

The answer is yes.

Our Smart Embed Code citation widget is designed to smartly detect the user’s location. For users in the US, Europe, and other regions outside China, it employs Google Maps. Conversely, for users within China, it switches to Baidu Maps, which is the local equivalent of Google in China. However, it’s important to note that due to the distinct nature of these map providers, the map styles will differ.

Below are screenshots of the same webpage. The first, viewed from the US, shows the Google Maps version, while the second, accessed from China, displays the Baidu Maps version. Although the styles vary, both versions function well.

Citation map, opened in US
Citation map, opened in China

Lesson learned:

  1. Our citation widgets (Smart Embed Code), including the citation map, works globally

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