Email marketing checklist for life science companies

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I. Setup

  1. ☐ Create a new domain (or subdomain) and new email address exclusively for sending marketing emails
  2. ☐ Find an email marketing platform, e.g. ours, Mailchimp, Vertical Response, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, iContact, etc.

II. Contact list

  1. ☐ Compile your target audience from your existing connections
  2. ☐ Compile your target audience from scientific publications, grants, and LinkedIn (We can help)
  3. ☐ Clean your list if your list is too old, or you are unsure about the quality
  4. ☐ Remove contacts who will likely complain (e.g. Yahoo emails)
  5. ☐ Split large lists with 10K+ contacts to smaller lists

III. Email template

  1. ☐ Have an “unsubscribe” link
  2. ☐ Add physical address (PO Box is OK)
  3. ☐ Include a big “Call-to-action” button or link
  4. ☐ Avoid toxic words such as “cheap”
  5. ☐ Personalize the subject line and the greeting
  6. ☐ Make the email mobile friendly

IV. After sending

  1. Monitor results (open rate, click rate, bounce rate)
  2. ☐ Remove complaints from your lists
  3. ☐ Check your spam folder
  4. ☐ Send follow-ups
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