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Many life science marketers find it tedious and time consuming to compile scientific publications citing their products. Our citation tracking service can track your citations monthly, delivering data in a structured format with up to 35 different fields such as title, year, volume, issue, page, email, affiliation, etc. Below is a sample of a few fields.

However, we noticed that some companies still spend a lot of time reading the papers to categorize them. For example, they want to categorize a paper by the product (or catalog number) used, or by its applications, or by species (e.g. human, mouse, rat etc.), or by gene names, or by diseases (cancer, anxiety etc.). Obviously, citation categorization is very valuable. With proper categorization, a company can easily show relevant citations under each product page, or allow users to interactively search specific citations.

In the past few months, we have helped a number of companies to categorize their citations. They provided us one or more categories of phrases, each category contains somewhere from a few dozen to a few thousand phrases (We accept up to 10,000 phrases). For example:

Then for each citation, we will check which phrase(s) is mentioned in the title, abstract, and snippet. In the end, we will put the matched phrases into separate fields. An example is shown below:

With citation categorized, you can:

  1. put only relevant citations in each product’s page
  2. link citations with products
  3. allow users to search and filter citations by product applications, technologies, diseases, genes etc.

Let’s check out a few real life examples. List Biological have a bi-directional link between their citation page and the product page (screenshot below).

Novus Biologicals allows users to filter citations by Applications and Species (screenshot below).

If you need to track your citations and categorize them, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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