3 beautiful email editors

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You probably have received a number of well-designed newsletters or promotional emails from other companies each month. Sometimes you may wonder, how can I create such a beautiful email for my own company?

It’s actually easy to do so thanks to many easy-to-use email creation tools available online. Here we list 3.

Free version available?Yes. You can start using it even without logging inYesYes
Paying versionStarting from $15/moStarting from $12.50/moStarting from $15/mo
Special elementsticker, gif libraryTimerTimer
Embed to your own website or app?Yes, Bee Plugin. Free version available, next option $250/moYes, stripo Plugin. Free version available, next option $100/moYes, unlayer embed plugin, Free version available, next option $99/mo

It’s interesting that stripo and unlayer both offer a drop-in Timer element – that means you can create a count-down timer in a few seconds. This is very useful if your promotion will end at a certain time (e.g. holiday).

Timer element by unlayer

All of the three websites offer many templates for you to choose. Here is a screenshot of a few templates in stripo.

Email templates offered by stripo
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