Offline Order Attribution Analysis

Do you want to know how your customers knew about you? Which is the most effective channel? With the help of the Offline Order Attribution (OOA) service, a large portion of offline orders can be attributed to their initial acquisition channels, providing actionable insights for businesses to decide which channels to allocate their marketing budgets.

Attributing orders to acquisition channels is difficult for biotech companies because most orders are not placed online but through purchase orders—phone calls, emails or faxes, but not online. This behavior prevents the traditional eCommerce analytics software, such as Google Analytics, from capturing the transactional events—the customer could have seen the Ad on Google, or a recent email campaign or a social post, but that intel is lost.
"Making budgeting decisions without measuring the ROI is like leaving money on the table."
With the OOA, budgeting does not have to be a blind guess. Schedule a chat with us to see how OOA can help you boost your marketing immediately.
"Using OOA allowed us to identify high performance channels. We doubled our spending in those channels and saw a immediate 10+% increase in revenue."