Smart Embed Code Setup Manual

This manual helps you to setup Smart Embed Code quickly on your website. 

First, copy the following line and paste in the <head> section. It's also fine to put it in the <body> section but it needs to be before any other Smart Embed Code. To shown your own citation data, you also need to replace key=1 with key=XXXXXX where XXXXXX is your BizGenius API key.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Note: you should use the smart embed code only on the page(s) where you intend to show citations. It's not recommended you put the code to your website's global <head> section.

Next, you may choose the component(s) you want to display. Each component has one line of code, and you may place the code to the desired place. You do not have to use all components in a page - just use the ones fitting your need. 

Citation Number:

<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-count-total-year-month" style="color:black;  display:flex; justify-content:center; flex-wrap:wrap;"></div>

Interactive Citation Map:

<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-map" style="width:100%;height:400px"></div>

Citation Search Form and List:

<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-form" style="width:100%;padding-top:20px"></div>
<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-list" data-maxnum='10' data-order="impactFactor" style="width:100%;"></div>

Top Journal List:

<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-list-top" data-maxnum='100' data-minif='10' style="width:100%;font-size:80%"></div>

Citation List for a particular product:

<div id="bizgenius-citation-widget-container-list" data-product-name='DNA' data-maxnum='5' data-order='impactFactor' style="width:100%;"></div>

You may learn more details of the components, including the parameters (tags), and how they look like in the Citation Smart Embed Code page.