Sinobio - central library

“We’ve been cooperating with Bizgenius for almost 10 years, and we’re very pleased with their service. They always stand by and response to us timely. This year, we decide to use their smart code service which will enrich our website content about citations. We can totally customize the layout and the data to make those content merge into our website. They provide a 24h support to ensure code installation go without issues. Our IT department is very appreciated with this. The loading speed is very fast in the globe which will not be influenced by region that is what we want. We’re look forward to working with Bizgenius for another 10 years!”

Chao Liu | Sino Biological, Inc
Director of E-commerce Department

Sino Biological (SZSE: 301047) is an international provider specializing in reagent supply and services, focusing on recombinant protein production and antibody development. It offers a range of independently developed products like recombinant proteins, antibodies, and cDNA clones, serving as a one-stop technical service shop for researchers. Additionally, it provides pre-clinical production technology services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

We have been helping Sino Biological track their citations for about 10 years since 2014. Each month, we send them a report (in Excel format) of their new citations. They also use our citation widget (Smart Embed Code) to show citations professionally on their website (data updated automatically):

  1. Sino Biological Central library. In this page, they showed stats about their citations, citation map, top journal list, and searchable citation list. The data is aggregated across all of their products.
  2. Citation list in individual product pages (use product 10001-H08H as an example): In these pages, they list publications citating the relevant products in the “Citations” tab. On the top, they also show the number of citations for the products.

Below are screenshot of the central library and an example of product page. You may click the images and visit their pages.

Sinobio - central library

Sinobio – central library

Sinobio - citation widget in product pages

Sinobio – citation widget in product pages

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