Do you want to know where your customers are? Do you want to know who is using your competitors’ products and who has the funding to purchase your products? Would you like to identify customers with scientific profiles similar to those of your existing customers? BizGenius offers the following services for you to quickly identify targeted customers:

Data source Service Type
NIH awarded grant
  • List of researchers who received grants last month
  • List of researchers whose grants will expire in the next month
  • List of researchers who have active grants
Academic (mostly)
Scientific publications
  • List of researchers who used your competitors' customers
  • List of researchers who published papers containing your keywords
  • List of researchers who cited a classic paper
Academic (mostly)
Company database
  • List of researchers in biotech or pharmaceutical companies whose experience contains your keywords
  • List of CXOs in biotech or pharmaceutical companies whose experience contains your keywords

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You tell us the basic information of your potential customers (e.g. keywords, your product’s description, your competitors’ names, or the geographic area you want to target).
  2. We send you a free estimate of the number of contacts and a free quote.
  3. Upon your agreement, we start to find customers for you. We deliver the final results in 3-7 days.

No. Every project we do for our customer is a unique project with distinct keywords.

Typically less than 7 days. But for large project (e.g. 100K contacts), it may take 2 weeks.

Up to 20 keywords per project.
Yes. An example would be “western blots” AND imaging.

We charge based on the number of contacts we can find for you. An exception is for the NIH grant awardee list. It is a monthly subscription.

Yes, including the supporting materials. We understand many of your keywords only appear in the Methods session.

Yes. For example, you may limit papers published after 2011.

It will be an Excel sheet. Each row is one contact, and each column is a field (e.g. email, name, affiliation, phone, and other information). Please contact us for a sample.

Please contact us for a free estimate.